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We now that we produce H.Q. gear, but if you dont trust our words for it, se here just a few top dogmen and dogfans around the globe have to say about our products.

Hurricane The collars have arrived intact. WOW! I am stunned by them. Regards,

Hey guys I got my collars, and they are BAD ASS!! I have tried alot of different collars, and your Nylon collars are BEYOND good! Thanks for the excellent service and the highest quality collar i have ever used!
Mark K.

Dear Fanciers; A friend of mine make the best colars available on the market today. I'd ordered +10 of them,nylon and beside strong and easy fitting,they look fancy too boot. And as an extra plus,they cost cheap. ,look around what he've to offer,craftmanship extra ordinary,Hurricane a big TNX for the ordered merchandise,i'm satisfied to the max with it.
Finkle Winkle Kennels

"In my opinion, these are the finest collars I have ever seen: superb craftsmanship, sturdy, and yet smooth as silk so as not to rub a dog's neck raw (like most other collars) eventually do. You can't just look at a picture and tell, or even see one in person ... you need to put your hands on one to understand. Truly unlike any other collar, and the finest I've seen."
"California Jack's 'Poncho' Dogs"

"Over the years I have owned some of the greatest dogs that has ever looked through a collar. Now, I own some of the greatest collars a dog ever looked through!"
E.L. Mullins

My friends at Hurricane kennels have collars for sale that have no equal, They are custom made and are some of the best collars I have had so far
Fat BillAmerican Game Dog Times

These collars are by far the best we have seen to date, a 4 ply soft nylon collar that wont rub the dogs neck raw, and craftsmanship that is secound to none.
Winchester Kennels

The American Pit Bull Registry highly recommends Hurricane Kennels products. Their products are made of the highest quality material and with great personal care. Buy a collar or harness your dog deserves.
Lewis Austin
Executive Director
The American Pit Bull Registry

I can recommend Hurricanes products to the fullest.Fast delivery, top quality and good value for money. There is no need to buy dog-products anywhere else.

Hallo we ordered a leather collar and lead a couple of days ago with text NORTH STAFF on collar & lead, just want to write and say we are very pleased with it, looks great!. Also thanks for the really fast delivery
North Staff Kennels

U have the best collars i have ever seen.I bought one to my guard dog,120lbs monster Rotti,and he loves it.Strong material,hand made,u truly are an amazing handyman.No i will be needing two more for my bulldogs,cuzz they deserves the best,and that`s H.K material.I am going to a show in ireland,and i will spend some time with people that u know,and the ones u don`t know,i will tell them about the high quality products u sell. Keep up the good work!! YIS


Was I pleased then we finded your site 2 years ago, finaly our mastinos get collars they deserv, custom made and the best quality we ever got!. We have buyed collars,harnesses around the World but this was the deal! We wish you all the best and will spread your name to everyone whos into quality
Maracino Pavacopulom

Exellent quality! highly recomend em!
Bob Stevens

Why not get the best? Hurricane has the World Strongest Collars, and a load of other great stuff you need for your dog. And they are nice and knows bulldogs, low prices
Billy Bob

Their products are second to none. I got a collar that is 4 years old and is in daily use (chain) and looks like a new one.

They has held up unconditionally and truely BULLDOG WORTHY!!
Dead Serious Kennels

Thanks for the harness!!! I love it, it is very,very well made. It is the same color as the brown spots on my dog!! The harness fits good with a little room for him to grow. Thanks again
Coby Rogers

I have never payed any thoughts on collars just that they would keep the dog on chain/lead, tils they broke! I got my first Hurricane collar as a gift from a visitor at mine yard. Then i contacted you as this collar is STRONG I thought they was a bit expensive to mine ordinaly 5 bucks collars, but Hell havent this be a great deal for me, none have broke, I can leave home and feel safe. No more messing with low quality nylon at mine spot for sure, Also the Keepking harness is a fine work! I use mine everyday and enjoy the style of free shoulders and easy fitting.

Just drop a mail to say your weight collars are awesome, mine best spent money to date :-) now the dogs even then I relax build strenght!
Jhonny B.

Your hide + spring was the most heavy - duty i ever sean. And thanks for the fast service!
Rick L.

The collar turned up last week and I am very please with it. Thank you very much for doing such a fine job. I am going to one of Reid's shows next week, so I will let everyone know that the collar is from Hurricane Kennels. Hopefully you might get some orders as no-one in England makes such good collars. Thanks once again
Pagan kennels

Today arrived your belt. I am more than a satisfied, great. Keep up the good work. Thanks

hey, got the collar yesterday. Love it. Thanks a lot for the fine product and fast shipment. I will recommend you to my friends.
Steve Morse

Hey Guys, thanks for the collars!! We love them! Every one who sees them goes nuts to! I've been telling all my friends and fellow dog owners about the website. Here are some pics. Thank you


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